New article on Civil Wars

Our junior researcher, Kamil Klosek, just published an article in The Extractive Industries and Society journal "Catalysts of violence: How do natural resource extractive technologies influence civil war outbreak and incidence in sub-Saharan Africa?"

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Silver medal for professor Tomášek


Professor Michal Tomášek has been awarded the Silver medal of the Charles University in recognition of his many years of professional and educational activities in the field of European law. Congratulations!

Professor Tomášek, who is the vice-dean of the Faculty of Law, is one of our senior researchers, part of the research group focused on Power Shifts and World Order.

New article in CSP journal

Our principal investigator, Harald Müller, and colleague Carmen Wunderlich have published an article in Contemporary Security Policy journal "Not lost in contestation: How norm entrepreneurs frame norm development in the nuclear nonproliferation regime."
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