Vladimír Handl

Vladimír Handl is a senior lecturer at the Institute of International Studies, Charles University.

At Peace Research Center Prague, he is part of the research group focused on Power Shifts and World Order.


Latest Publications

HANDL, Vladimír - GOFFIN, Andreas. Czech Communists and the Crisis. Between Radical Alternative and Pragmatic Europeanization. In: MARCH, Luke - KEITH, Daniel (eds.) Europe’s Radical Left. From Marginality to the Mainstream. New York: Rowman and Littlefield, 2016, 211-229.

HANDL, Vladimír. The Federal Republic of Germany in Czech Foreign Policy. In: KOŘAN, Michal et al.: Czech Foreign Policy in 2013: Analysis. Prague: Institute of International Relations, 2015, 97-118.