Our common analytical and normative focus is on the prevention, management, and transformation of conflicts in world politics.

The project is coordinated by the Center for Security Policy,
in cooperation with individuals from Peace Research Institute Frankfurt and Charles University's Department of International Relations, Department of German Studies, Department of European Law, Department of Psychology, and the Institute of Economic Studies.

Our Mission

  1. Advancing theoretical and empirical knowledge in peace and conflict studies
  2. Building a permanent platform for collaborative interdisciplinary research
  3. Providing an opportunity for junior scholars to develop their academic career

Our Methods

In the best tradition of Peace Research, we aim for an interdisciplinary perspective, bringing together scholars with expertise in International Relations, Security Studies, History, Law, Sociology, Economics, Anthropology, and Social Psychology.

We are committed to methodological pluralism, drawing on previous experience with qualitative case studies, comparative methods, archival research, interviews, field research, large-N statistics, experimental methods, game theoretical modeling, or discourse analysis.

Supporting young scholars

  • We hold regular workshops, in which senior scholars provide the juniors with comments and recommendations on their work.

  • We organize regular training seminars for juniors with outside specialists.

  • We established a fund for juniors to attend high-quality international conferences and workshops abroad.