Harald Müller

Harald Müller is a professor emeritus of International Relations at Goethe University Frankfurt, former executive director and presently senior associate of Peace Research Insitute Frankfurt (PRIF), and a principal investigator in the Charles University Center for Excellence - Peace Research Center Prague. 

Latest publications

MÜLLER, Harald - WUNDERLICH, Carmen . Not lost in contestation: How norm entrepreneurs frame norm development in the nuclear nonproliferation regime. Contemporary Security Policy. 2018, 1-26. DOI 10.1080/13523260.2017.1394032. ISSN 1352-3260

MÜLLER, Harald - RAUCH, Carsten (eds). Great Power Multilateralism and the Prevention of War: Debating a 21st Century Concert of Powers. New York: Routledge, 2018. 268 pp.

MÜLLER, Harald. The Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty in Jeopardy? Internal Divisions and the Impact of World PoliticsThe International Spectator. 2017, 52(1), 12-27.