Kamil Klosek

Kamil Klosek is a lecturer at the Institue of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University.

At Peace Research Center Prague, he is part of the research group focused on Frozen Conflicts as our postdoctoral researcher.

Latest publications

Duffy, F., Klosek, K.C., Nardin, L.G. and Wagner, G. 2020. ' Rebel Group Protection Rackets: Simulating the Effects of Economic Support on Civil War Violence', In: Deutschmann, E. Lorenz, J., Nardin L.G., Natalini, D. Wilhelm, A.F.X., (eds.), Computational Conflict Research (Springer), chapter 11. 978-3-030-29332-1

Klosek, Kamil C. Catalysts of violence: How do natural resource extractive technologies influence civil war outbreak and incidence in sub-Saharan Africa?. The Extractive Industries and Society. 2018. DOI: 10.1016/j.exis.2018.02.003


In his research, Kamil Klosek focuses on civil war dynamics and international relations. His dissertation was devoted to analyze driving factors of military interventions in civil wars from a political-economic perspective. Special interest is devoted to the role of arms trade, natural resources and foreign direct investments in relation to armed conflict.

Further projects encompass political-economic interactions of rebel groups during civil wars, the role of extractive industries on civil war onset and dynamics as well as the categorization and collection of data on frozen conflicts since the end of the Second World War.

Kamil publishes regularly on his blog on professional matters.


Kamil Klosek studied Political Science at the University of Mannheim with a brief period spend at the University of Malta. He then proceeded to receive a double degree in International Security Studies and International Administration and Conflict Studies from Charles University and University of Konstanz. In 2019, Kamil received his Ph.D. from Charles University. During his time as Ph.D. candidate, he was visiting researcher at the University of Coimbra (Portugal).