Michal Parízek

Michal Parízek is an Assistant Professor and the Deputy Head of the Department of International Relations, Charles University.

At Peace Research Center Prague, he is part of the research group focused on Power Shifts and World Order.

Latest publications

PARÍZEK, Michal. Control, soft information, and the politics of international organizations staffingThe Review of International Organizations. 2017, 12(4), 559-583. DOI: 10.1007/s11558-016-9252-1. ISSN 1559-7431.

PARÍZEK, Michal. Communication and Credibility in Multilateral Negotiations. Czech Journal of Political Science. 2016, 23(1), 44-64. DOI: 10.5817/PC2016-1-44. ISSN 12113247.

PARÍZEK, Michal - HOSLI, Madeleine O. -  PLECHANOVOVÁ, Běla. Avoiding Paralysis: The Eastern Enlargement and the Council of the European Union. Journal of European Integration. 2015, 37(6), 649-665. DOI: 10.1080/07036337.2015.1034276. ISSN 0703-6337.


In his research, Michal Parízek focuses on global economic governance, international trade and international bureaucracies.