Michal Smetana

Michal Smetana is a Research Associate at the Center for Security Policy, Assistant Professor at Charles University, and Coordinator of the Charles University Center for Excellence - Peace Research Center Prague.

At the PRCP, he primarily conducts his research in the Arms control, Non-Proliferation, and Disarmament and Frozen Conflicts pillars.

Latest publications

Nuclear Deviance: Stigma Politics and the Rules of the Nonproliferation Game (2019). Palgrave Macmillan.

2019: “Theorising Indirect Coercion: The Logic of Triangular Strategies”. International Relations (with Jan Ludvík).

2018: “Bringing the Outsiders in: Interactionist Perspective on Deviance and Normative Change”. Cambridge Review of International Affairs (with Michal Onderco). 31(6).

2018: “(De-)stigmatizing the Outsider: India and the Global Non-Proliferation Order”. Journal of International Relations and Development.

2018: “A Nuclear Posture Review for the Third Nuclear Age”. The Washington Quarterly. 41(3)

2018: “Between War and Peace: A Dynamic Reconceptualization of ‘Frozen Conflicts’”. Asia-Europe Journal (with Jan Ludvík). 17(1).

Research focus

His main research interests lie at the intersection of security studies, international relations, and political psychology, with a specific focus on issues related to nuclear weapons in world politics, arms control and disarmament, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, deterrence theory, and norms and deviance in international affairs.