Call for Internships: Frozen Conflicts


The Peace Research Center Prague (PRCP), a Charles University Center of Excellence, engages in the analysis of the phenomenon of “frozen conflicts” in a global setting.
For this purpose, the PRCP aims to create a dataset of all relevant conflicts identifiable since 1945. This will significantly improve our understanding of how conflicts dynamics develop and allow for policy recommendations to mitigate negative consequences of these conflicts including fatalities and economic downturn.

In order to generate a comprehensive dataset, the PRCP is offering internships.

Structure of the internship:

  • Ideal applicant should be either Bachelor or Master student in Social Sciences and Humanities
  • The program is to run from June to August 2018. The expected duration of the internship is 1-3 months.
  • The interns are expected to work 25 hours per week
  • It is expected that the students work from home with their own computer
  • Physical presence in Prague is only necessary for the introductory meeting (1st week of June)

Tasks of the interns:

Interns will be assigned several frozen conflicts from different regions to research their specific
attributes. Research assistants will guide the interns on how to conduct in-depth case studies of relevant conflicts and provide permanent support and feedback. The internship may be especially interesting for those students who have not yet worked in academia but want to gain insights for personal and professional development. Interns should benefit from their assigned tasks in many ways:

  • Gaining insight into academic research
  • Receiving feedback from academic professionals
  • Practicing collaborative work with the whole research team
  • Working independently on assigned conflicts and practicing relevant skills for further employment in the academic sphere or for the public and private sector
  • Gaining expertise in assigned conflicts
  • Learning and practicing skills at the intersection of qualitative and quantitative research
  • Being part of academically ambitious and policy-relevant research project
  • Naming of the intern in the final acknowledgments

In case of interest to participate in this research endeavor, please submit your application to until the 20th May.
You will receive an answer by the 25th May whether you have been selected.

Required documents are:

  • CV, especially highlighting your language skills
  • One page excerpt of own academic work to highlight writing and reasoning skills