Special Issue of Asia Europe Journal edited by our researchers


Our researchers Michal Smetana and Jan Ludvik are the guest editors of the latest special issue of Asia Europe Journal, an excellent Web of Science journal. The topic of this special issue is Between War and Peace: Frozen Conflicts in Eurasia


For now, you can find the articles online first:

1. Michal Smetana and Jan LudvíkBetween War and Peace: A Dynamic Reconceptualization of Frozen Conflicts

2. Magdalena Dembińska and Frédéric Mérand: The Role of International Brokers in Frozen Conflicts: The Case of Transnistria

3. Virginie Grzelczyk: Threading on Thin Ice: Conflict Dynamics on the Korean Peninsula

4. Ondrej Ditrych: Georgia’s Frosts: Ethnopolitical Conflict as Assemblage

5. Pavlína BlahovaNagorno-Karabakh: Obstacles to the Resolution of the Frozen Conflict

6. Emil A. Souleimanov, Namig Abbasov, and David S. Siroky: Frankenstein in Grozny: Vertical and Horizontal Cracks in the Foundation of Kadyrov’s Rule

7. Valery Perry: Frozen, Stalled, Stuck, or Just Muddling Through: The post-Dayton Frozen Conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina

8. Sumit Ganguly, Michal Smetana, Sannia Abdullah, and Ales Karmazin: India, Pakistan, and the Kashmir Dispute: Unpacking the Dynamics of South Asian Frozen Conflict